Exener Engineering – Who We Are

EXENER is a global engineering company that provides planning, design, energy auditing and consulting, construction, equipment supply and operation management for hydraulic, hydropower and renewable projects infrastructure.

Its principal businesses include renewable nergy and construction engineering (including survey, planning, design and project contracting).

It all started in 2004. Since then, we have built confidence and trust in our brand, analytics and support. Our highly qualified and experienced team also helps our clients in business development, portfolio strategy, market and trend analysis, benchmarking and competitor assessment. Known for our up-to-date, complete and comprehensive product and service delivery, we engage with energy owners, suppliers, financial professionals, E&P companies, and governments, focusing on power and renewable energy markets.


José Antonio Sáez
José Antonio SáezCo-Founder & CEO
Hector de Castro
Hector de Castro Co-Founder & Board Member

Company Philosophy

We are aware that the implementation and growth of a company can not compromise DEVELOPMENT and SUSTAINABILITY or the future of the countries and regions where it is implemented. Starting from the business profit parameters, there are aspects of commitment to the CONTINUITY of the projects. In a world that is globalized, where borders disappear and where COOPERATION is marked as a fundamental aspect, the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY principles of a company become its common frame of reference for its members. This action guide is presented from all points of view in the decision-making process and in the actions to be taken.

In EXENER we think about the contribution to the DEVELOPMENT OF LOCAL ECONOMIES, with the energy products of which we have experience and our know-how, such as ELECTRIFICATION, generation, transport and distribution.

Bearing in mind that investments for the production of electricity in the world, and that in the next 20 years will be more important than the sum of those made throughout the twentieth century, we act so that these investments result in PEOPLE.

At EXENER we know that the correct application of technology favors optimization and energy saving as well as boosting movements in favor of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. We are CONCERNED and try to CARE FOR THE NEEDS of people and regions, giving answers of guarantee and having, as the main objective of our activities, the creation of wealth for shareholders, collaborators, clients, and in general, for society.

Company Staff

EXENER engineering was born in 2004, and EXENER GROUP was born from the union of a group of companies and the result of the know-how of some professionals of more than 35 years in the world of energy and with the aim of contributing to the efficient use of energy in the world through projects of generation, electrification and energy efficiency giving technological engineering solutions for the infrastructure market, residential, industrial and tertiary.

We have great capacity to provide a comprehensive service to the client, providing professional, personal and interactive value. Our authentic priority is through recruitment and development of key staff, the promotion of a reserve of young talents, the global training programs and the organization of an efficient and constant exchange of “best practices”.

For this purpose, our technical structure is made available to the client, for the elaboration of projects and their subsequent execution, having continuity in the maintenance and monitoring of the different actions, the business development of EXENER is always linked to that of our client, of the public or private sector.

EXENER GROUP has successfully completed more than one hundred projects in the following countries to date:

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Trusted Partners & Clients

In EXENER we develop projects giving the best TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS thanks to the close relationship with our PARTNERS, thus becoming our TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNERS.

Our strategy focuses on understanding each of the sectors and markets to design the different solutions for each of them, offering the best service with the latest generation implementation and taking into account all the requirements requested by the CLIENT.

EXENER has an international vocation and has agreements with PARTNERS, LEADERS AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL to develop their activity, providing the best global technology responses in local actions. We work on different projects in different ways, either with the end user, with the company in charge of engineering or construction administration, with the installer, with the equipment manufacturer or with the contractor providing service, support and maintenance of the project.

EXENER has a vocation for social development and local support and for this, has its LOCAL PARTNERS as a strategic element in the collaboration in its activities.